Latasha (Tasha) Mack is portrayed by Wendy Raquel Robinson.[3] Tasha is a wise-cracking, crazy mom. She is a mother/manager of the show's star quarterback Malik Wright. She grew up in Richmond, California and had a baby in high school with her long time boyfriend Chauncey. As the show progresses, Malik fires Tasha. She then signs a contract with ISM (Irv Smith Management). In season 3 Tasha is fired from ISM due to the company's job cuts.

Tasha is best friends with Melanie Barnett and Kelly Pitts. In season 3, Tasha and Kelly go through a rift in their relationship. At Melanie and Derwin's first wedding, Tasha reveals that she introduced Jason to Camille, his new girlfriend. Kelly responds by punching Tasha in the face.

Tasha's first known relationship is with Malik's old head coach, Kenny (Coach T). Malik finds out and disapproves, and due to Tasha's temper, Tasha and Kenny soon break up. Her next relationship was with famous Laker Rick Fox. Rick becomes a manager at ISM, and after Tasha becomes vulnerable she falls in love with Rick. When Tasha gets fired from ISM and Rick gets promoted, Tasha believes Rick tricked her and they break up. In the season 3 season finale, Rick comes back for Tasha and the fate of their relationship is unknown.

After high school her boyfriend Chauncey(Punk Ass Chauncey) went to college and left Tasha to be a single mother. When Malik finally meets his father it is revealed that he has a younger sister, Pucci, played by Lisa Tucker. Chauncey married a woman who is strikingly similar to Tasha named Sheila