Malik El Debarge Wright is played by Hosea Chanchez.[4] Malik is a high-profile athlete and the starting quarterback the Sabers. He has the reputation of being an arrogant rich pro athlete who gets lots of women. He lives in his own apartment in San Diego and once lived with his mother who was his manager.

Malik was born to Tasha Mack when she was in high school in Richmond, California. As a child, he did not know his father. His best friend since childhood is Terrance "Tee Tee" Carter. Malik attended Richmond High School, Richmond, California and led the football team to a Conference Championship and California state title. Malik also ran on the track team and was a pitcher on the baseball team. He was crowned Prom King in his senior year. Eva Marcelle was crowned Queen. For college, he attended Virginia Tech. He had a successful career and won the Heisman Trophy in his junior season. After that he decided to forgo his senior year and go pro. He entered the 2002 draft. He was selected by the Atlanta Cobras where he played for two seasons. He was then traded to the San Diego Sabres, where he won the Championship MVP in 2008.