Jason Pitts is the ex-husband of Kelly Pitts, father of Brittany Pitts, and captain of the Sabers. When Kelly admitted to marrying him for the money, he eventually admits that he married Kelly because she was easy to impress and that he knew Kelly would worship him. In season two, Jason begins using steroids, and it eventually makes his performance better, but he quits when Kelly takes Brittany and leaves. In the season three finale, Jason gets arrested for hitting Kelly's ex-boyfriend, and leaves with his girlfriend Camille in the court room, rather than Kelly.

Jason was born to a pro football player, Thomas Pitts and his wife, Marai Pitts. As a child, he moved around a lot because his father blew all of his money and was traded frequently. Because of that Jason became very frugal. He was selected by the Sabers as a first round Draft Pick, and won the Championship Game in 2008.